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ROST carbon sports mask

After approval by a treating physician, we can make individual and comfortable sports masks made of Carbon.

We aim to make an appointment within 24 hours for the facial print to be made.

Making a Carbon sport mask takes 3 to 4 working days. You must come to our practice twice for this.


Injuries occur in every sport

Sports injuries are always very annoying, but in some cases — when facial injuries occur, for example — it is possible to let athletes play in their next match. Think about a football/soccer player or hockey player with a broken nose or cheekbone.

A Carbon sport mask from ROST is made on the basis of an impression of the face. This is why they fit perfectly and provide protection and support during training and competitions. And most importantly: The field of view is normal!

We have made many masks for nationally and internationally renowned athletes. However, due to sponsorship and image rights, we are not allowed to post photos of all athletes on our site.


Our mask in the news during the 2024 European Football Championship.

RTL4 – EditieNL 18-06-2024

Omroep Brabant TV 18-06-2024

NOS Journaal 19-06-2024

NOS Jeugdjournaal 19-06-2024

QR Code of a video about Frédérique Matla, on instagram, about ROST’s carbon mask during the European Hockey Championship 2023.


View the mask in practice here.

Made of Carbon fiber for protection during training and competitions.

Completely custom made. This means that the mask will fit perfectly and comfortably.

Already used in national and international sports such as football/soccer, hockey, basketball, goofball, polo and handball.